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Polyester thread is the most popular thread used for home and commercial machine embroidery, because it's is strong, colorfast, durable in laundry and wearing, practically NON-shrinking and can be purchased in huge variety of colors.
When comparing each of these five properties of polyester thread to parallel qualities of rayon and cotton, poly wins every time. It breaks less than the other two, doesn't fray, doesn't bleed, keeps it's color in heavy laundry, and can perform great without breaking even on very high embroidery speeds.

Rayon and polyester thread may look almost similar on a design, and can be mixed together often. Yet, pay attention at the difference in sheen - many brands of polyester thread are less shiny than rayons, so these may look not so good if mixed.

We use and carry ThreaDelight polyester thread, which is VERY shiny. In fact, this brand offers more luster than many rayons. It's also very reasonably priced. ThreaDelight polyester thread palette includes 260 vibrant, gradient colors. You're welcome to get impressed by the smart selection of colors, by looking at embroidery thread color chart.

Please bear in mind that actual thread colors may slightly vary from what you see on computer screen, because each computer display shows colors a bit differently. We would suggest you to purchase ThreaDelight polyester thread color chart, to make sure that your eyes see real thread color samples.

More Technical properties of ThreaDelight Polyester Thread:

ThreaDelight polyester thread is 40 wt, and for the majority of projects works great with size 80/12 embroidery needles. Yet, always consider the type and weight of fabric and stabilizer you're using, to determine the most suitable type of needle.

This thread can stand heavy laundry, including NON-chlorine bleach. It can be exposed to sun. A great choice for all items that you plan to wash or keep under sunlight. This thread also supports dry-cleaning. Just make sure not to use agressive chemicals and anti-spotting agents, especially with dark thread colors.

This long fiber embroidery thread also doesn't leave lint in embroidery machines, and therefore is helps to keep your machine "healthy". ThreaDelight polyester thread looks exceptionally shiny and beautiful when stitched out.

The normal 1000-yard (100-meter) cones are available in 260 colors. The huge 5000-yard cones for commercial embroidery are available in 60 colors, that have been selected from the large 260-color polyester thread palette after careful investigation of commercial market needs.

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